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Mil dtl 38999 connectors, electrical, circular, miniature, high density, quick disconnect bayonet, threaded, or breech coupling, environment resistant with crimp removable contacts or hermetically sealed with fixed, solderable contacts, general specification for. Series iii environmental mil dtl 38999 series iii qpl part number development sample part number d3899920 w a 35 p n d38999 series iv d3899920 wall mount receptacle class w environmental, aluminum, cadmium o. M31x16g m22x16g m34x16g m15x16g mil c 38999 backshell straight mil c 38999 series iii mil c 38999 mil t29504 delphi 103 text. Check the mil dtl micro 38999 connector specification pdf, datasheet, catalog now. Mildtl38999 series iii is the newest cylindrical connector designed. Mil c 38999 series i, ii, iii connectors kjlkjkja performance and material specifications test data materials and finishes receptacle shell insulator contacts grommet and seal jam nut grounding spring finish as noted in how to order sections. Mildtl38999, series iii, tv amphenol aerospace pdf. Series i connectors are bayonet coupled and have highvibration properties. Present on the main international programs, souriau has developed a range of products that meet the performance required in extreme environments. Download 3d cad files now available for 62gb, rhino 38999 and terrapin connectors. High density layouts with up to 187 data connections and power contacts rated up to 23a. These connectors feature an improved oneturn coupling.

Tvbkelectroless nickel tvbwolive drab tvbb ni al bronze. Mil dtl 38999 connector series iv series 234105 datasheet. Mil dtl 38999 series iii connectors amphenol tv ctv series are thread coupling connectors, with 100% scoop proof design, available for connector size 9 to 25. Contact amphenol aerospace for more information at 8006780141. Standard environmentalclass mil dtl 38999 series iii connectors with dla certi cation are now manufactured and supplied by glenair. Understanding military connector specifications news. Find mil dtl 38999 series iii connectors at sunkyeprofessional mil spec connector manufacturer. Tx series mildtl38999 series iii style connectors txk2. Mildtl38999, jt, ljt series catalog amphenol digikey. Previously known as mil c 38999, mil dtl 38999 connectors are a series of four connectors which are comprised of bayonet, threaded, and breech lok coupling mechanisms. Com tx tx series mil dtl 38999 series iii style connectors after heat activation m 2 t l r w u2 ff w 1 u1 before heat activation boot size cable range shell size.

Hd designates high density 38999 series iii insert patterns which. Because of the widespread popularity of 38999 series iii connectors, its basic design has been adapted to many different configurations including versions for power, fiber optics, filtering, highspeed networking, commercial interfaces, pc board interfaces, and higher contact densities. P available with pin contacts only s available with socket contacts only. Mil dtl 38999 series iii connectors are the most widely specified connectors within the mil aero industry and for good reason. These receptacles are designed for use in aerospace, electronic, electrical power, and control circuits. To prevent detrimental intrusion of cleaning solventswater into the connector when terminating, the connector must be protected iaw ipc jstd001 andor nasa std8739. Amphenol ltd is currently adding this feature to the website which will enable customers to register to download 3d cad files in step and iges formats. Amphenol tristart mil dtl 38999 series iii connectors offer the highest performance capabilities for both general duty and severe environment applications. Series ii connectors are used where the connector is not subjected to high vibration or damp. Mil dtl 38999 series i, ii, iii, and iv cylindrical connectors. Dimensions shown in inches mmspecifications and dimensions subject to changecannon kjlkjkjakjbmildtl 38999 series i, ii, iii connectors corrosion and zinc resistant shells of aluminumalloy with cadmium and zinc over nickel platingwithstand a 500 hour salt spray exposure rear release crimp snapin contacts datasheet search, datasheets. En3645 is the corresponding european standard for this series. Mildtl38999 series i, ii, iii, and iv cylindrical connectors.

Download mil dtl 38999, series iii, tv amphenol aerospace book pdf free download link or read online here in pdf. These rugged and highly reliable circular connectors are ideally suited for industrial. Mil dtl 38999 formerly mil c 38999 connectors are designed and approved to meet the most stringent requirements of the military and aerospace industry. The d38999 connector series come in a variety of coupling options, including bayonet and threaded, as well as in metal or composite construction. Previously known as mil c 38999, mil dtl 38999 connectors come in four series. Mildtl38999 series iii en3645 tvctv amphenol socapex. Series i connectors are used where a quick disconnect coupling system is required for blind mating or other matingdifficult areas.

Mildtl38999, series i ljt, ii jt, iii tv, hd amphenol aerospace. Mildtl38999 connector series iii dla qpl environmental. High performance cable to panel interconnects for military and aerospace. The souriau d38999 connector series, also called 8d series is a highly reliable connector compliant to the main mil spec standards mil dtl 38999 series iii, en3645, bacc63, cecc and answers the most stringent requirements in harsh environments. Sunkye mil c 38999 connector is proof to ensure no damage to the contacts in a blind mating application. Competitive prices from the leading amphenols mil c 38999 series iii connectors backshells distributor. D38999 series iii, the industry standard qpl mil aero connector backed by glenair service and availability. Meeting or exceeding mil dtl 38999 series iii requirements, the tristart connector with standard metal shells aluminium or stainless steel with several finish options offers these features.

Designed for both general purpose and harsh environment applications, d38999 connectors feature oneturn coupling with a selflocking acme thread. Deutsch dts series and act series are the standard circular connector for use in harsh military and aerospace environments. This specification is approved for use by all departments. Approved supply conesys, amphenol, itt cannon, glenair. Amphenols mil c 38999 series iii connectors backshells product list at newark. Read online mil dtl 38999, series iii, tv amphenol aerospace book pdf free download link book now.

Mil dtl 38999 are miniature, highdensity circular connectors designed to meet the stringent mil spec requirements set forth by the u. What are the main differences between mildtl38999 series. Check the mil dtl micro 38999 connector specification pdf. The afi houses high performance fiber optic termini per mil t, characteristics comply with mil c 38999 series iii. Available in 5 high end materials and 5 platings 8d aluminum, 8d composite, 8d titanium, 8d. View mil dtl 38999 series iii catalog from amphenol aerospace operations at digikey. The amphenol mil dtl 38999 series iii circular connectors have a rated current range 1.

These industrystandard connectors are ideally suited for the broad range of harsh environmental land, sea, air, and space applications and are backed with glenair s industry leading. Mil dtl 38999, series i ljt, ii jt, iii tv, hd insert availability and identification chart series series series military x completely tooled. Milstd1560 insert arrangements type pin front view and. Contact amphenol aerospace f or more inf ormation at 8006780141 ii.

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