Onion omega2 vs raspberry pi

Meanwhile, the pi zero triumphs over it with a 1 ghz cpu plus 512 mb of ram. An average introduction to the onion omega average maker. To date, the omega2 is the tiniest computer among the current brood, coming in less than onefourth the size of the raspberry pi. Head to head comparison of raspberry pi zero model w to the. But an hdmi out is missing from the pi zero competitor. For example, lets take a look at the two most popular maker platforms to consider what its good at vs other boards. Les pounder loves hacking and tinkering with arduino, raspberry pi and new technologies. Comparison between omega 2 lte and raspberry pi 2b. This is an early release model running beta software, so i had a hiccup or two which i. Plug in your omega and it will boot the operating system right away, allowing you to develop in your favorite programming language, create web applications, and interface with a variety of hardware with minimal time and effort spent getting started. The raspberry pi is a fantastic lowcost computer, available in a choice of versions. Compared to the raspberry pi zero, the omega2 offers an enhanced wireless connectivity experience through a builtin wifi chip. There is also an arduino dock r2, which makes the omega 2 arduino compatible.

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